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The most entertaining resources that most people use to refresh their minds and get rid of all the tension and anger are movies and TV shows. It is proven that the best way to get relief from serious problems such as depression is through entertainment services.

Whenever any person wants to spend his or her free time, to get rid of the boredom they have been experiencing, it is mostly to watch some exciting film. TamilRockers (தமிழ் ராக்கர்ஸ்) is a website for torrents that helps to illegally share copyrighted films, shows, or images.

It’s an illegal hacking website that has a massive online archive of big-budget movies. According to some reports, TamilRockers plans to release the movie digitally on its opening day itself, before the release of a big-budget movie.

This website lets visitors use magnet links as well as torrent files to scan and download some copyrighted movies. This website was ordered in India to be blocked.

History of TamilRockers:

Tamilrockers website was created in 2011 and is a website that enables users to download pirated movies. Usually, these films are new Bollywood, Hollywood Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, and Punjabi films that are leaked every week on their website as soon as the film is released.

With TV shows and web series becoming increasingly popular on television channels and online streaming sites, even these are now available on tamilrockers 2018 for illegal download in 2020.

How Can I Watch Movies on TamilRockers?

It is completely illegal to only watch or stream any movies from tamilrockers movies as this website encourages piracy. If you even visit this website in the case and then you get caught in some way, you will have to suffer the penalty for breaching the law made by government officials.

This website also appears to have no rights over the content that has been submitted for the viewing or downloading of users. Your personal details will be at high risk if you access this type of website over the internet.

So, bear in mind that streaming movies from a website like this are illegal and therefore dangerous.

So, if you use this website to watch movies of any sort, you should just avoid it in the future or you will get into trouble according to India’s laws. Piracy is an all-punishable crime.

Still, if you want to watch movies from this website, you need to be aware of the website’s domain name. We’re going to send you a list of New Connect 2020 Tamilrockers proxy below.

TamilRockers.org TamilRockers.net
TamilRockers.co TamilRockers.info
TamilRockers.ch TamilRockers.lol
TamilRockers.la TamilRockers.ai
TamilRockers.mz TamilRockers.da
TamilRockers.cc TamilRockers.cx
TamilRockers.ru TamilRockers.ac
TamilRockers.tou TamilRockers.tel
TamilRockers.vs TamilRockers.bz
TamilRockers.lv TamilRockers.lu
TamilRockers.re TamilRockers.tr
TamilRockers.cl TamilRockers.da
TamilRockers.internet TamilRockers.mv
TamilRockers.wc Tamilrockers.ws
TamilRockers.ch TamilRockers.to
TamilRockers.computer TamilRockers.la
TamilRockers.lol TamilRockers.com
TamilRockers.icu TamilRockers.cl
TamilRockers.bzi TamilRockers.ss
TamilRockers.all TamilRockers.az
TamilRockers.at TamilRockers.bx
TamilRockers.sh TamilRockers.by
TamilRockers.bz TamilRockers.gr
TamilRockers.vc TamilRockers.cr
TamilRockers.hn TamilRockers.proxy4you.xyz
TamilRockers.ap TamilRockers.gy
TamilRockers.biz TamilRockers.li
TamilRockers.all TamilRockers.hyperlink
tamilrockerrs.pl tamilrockers.nocensor.xyz
tamilrockers.unblocked.win tamilrockers.hyperlink
tamilrockers.prox4you.icu tamilrockers.123unblock.professional
tamilrockers.unblocked.earth tamilrockers.unblockproject.xyz

Is TamilRockers Safer to watch?

People should understand that this website is considered to be a pirated site that is totally against the government’s law. But we’ve even noticed that people, despite being blocked, are still visiting this website in several respects.

It is certainly not safe to use this website because the Indian government has blocked this website. If you use a website with a torrent, it’s a felony. Also, bear in mind that your computer can even be compromised by using such websites.

You can see some pop-ups when you use such pages. That’s how the virus can be introduced into your computer by these websites and your device will operate very slowly until your device has a virus in its system. It could damage your PC’s processor as well.

All you have to do is search for some legal channels and download the movie you’ve been waiting for if you feel like downloading videos.

Are we allowed to access TamilRockers movies?

In India, we should recognize that using pirated websites is said to be a criminal offense. Not only in India, in fact, but also in many other countries. The governments of these countries do not allow such pirated sites to be accessed by users.

If we speak about Tamilrockers 2017, the government of India has actually banned them several times. However, they also continue to change their domain names and continue their service.

There are so many individuals working so hard to finish the films or web series they are in. But if it is leaked on those forms of pirated websites after their movie is released and later on, then it would be very saddening for them.

As we know by now it is offensive to use such kinds of websites and against the law as these kinds of websites steal movies and then serve you the same. In short, it also suggests that the pirated content is also stolen and only viewed by you. It is necessary to understand that the material available on the website is proprietary. So, if you have pirated content on your computer, there could be a risk that some form of action may be taken against you as well.

Similar websites like tamilrockers:





Movie Counter




Madras Rockers














Jio Rockers







How does government work to stop piracy? 

The government has taken definitive action to eradicate film piracy. Any person found recording a film without the written permission of the producers will face a prison sentence of up to 3 years in accordance with the Cinematograph Act approved in 2019. In addition to this, the culprits may also be fined ₹10 lakhs. A prison sentence can also be met by people circulating pirated copies on illegal torrent websites.


In certain nations, the use of pirated websites to view pirated films or shows or any other videos is absolutely against the law. If you are spotted watching movies using those websites, then in the near future there may be some trouble for you. This article is for educational purposes only and we also plan to raise awareness among individuals about the use of such pirated websites, as the use of this website is illegal. In order to download any videos or shows, it would be easier for you to stop using pirated websites and search for some websites where you need to pay.

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