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Press releases are essential to improve your awareness of the Brand and to help to build your public relations (PR). But you won’t get any further if nobody sees your release. We share your release over our social networks and Google News Channel to increase more awareness.

A press release (written or recorded) is an official statement that is submitted by organizations to news media. It can be called a “press release,” a “press statement,” a “news release,” or a “media release,” etc.

How to Write a Press Release?

Writing a press release to break major corporate news may help companies grow faster, but it is equally vital to do so. Check out How to Write a Press Release:

  1. Write a short, catchy headline.
  2. Get to the Point –summarize your subject in the first paragraph.
  3. Body – explain why this matter to your audience.
  4. Give Contact Information of the company.

Why Should Your Business Send Press Releases?

  • To get media coverage.
  • To build your brand’s reputation.
  • To manage a crisis.
  • To build backlinks from trusted media sites.

Types of Press Release

  • Breaking news announcements
  • Product launches
  • Events
  • Partnerships
  • Sharing research
  • Awards
  • Hiring new executives
  • Crisis management

What Information Should a Release Include?

  • Headline
  • Press Contact
  • City, State, Location
  • Body
  • Boiler Plate

Perfect Press Release Example

Image from: CoSchedule

How to Submit a Press Release on our website?

If you understand the time needed to create and maintain an accurate communication database it makes sense to distribute a press release electronically using these services. This is particularly true for smaller companies that do not have the capital to carry out this time-consuming mission. The prices of internet delivery can vary based on the providers concerned, but it can be a deal if you take into account the time taken to do the same for yourself. Send us your press release at [email protected]

Free Press Release Submission Sites

How to Submit a Press Release to Yahoo Finance?

Yahoo Finance is a very famous and popular website. Its content is aggregated and taken from Yahoo-controlled partner PR release services. These are the partner provide content to Yahoo Finance:

How to Submit a Press Release to Reuters?

Reuters is a huge news distribution service with a global reach. To submit your press release to Reuters, visit their advertising Solution.

How to Submit a Press Release to the Associated Press (AP)?

The Associated Press (AP) is one of the largest news outlets in the world.  The best way to get press releases from AP is to send an email to [email protected]

How to Submit a Press Release to the New York Times?

There is no need to present this media outlet and they do not require press releases either based on what they publish on their webpage. Reach them at

How to submit a Press Release to Google News?

Google News is a central distribution point with a vast reach. Google has streamlined the procedure of sending a press release. We have our Google News channel. If you want your news to come on Google News then send us your Press Release at [email protected]

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