Itolizumab: Psoriasis Injection Approved for COVID 19 by DCGI

Itolizumab, a medicine used for the cure of skin ailment psoriasis in India has been authorised by the Indian Drug Regulator in order to treat COVID-19 patients with mild to severe acute respiratory distress.

Considering the medical requirements of COVID-19 not met, Drugs General Controller, Dr V G. Somani, has approved the monoclonal antibody injection of Biocon Itolizumab to treat the “cytokine” syndrome of release in patients with moderate to severe acute air distress syndrome due to COVID- 19, they said. 

“The approval was issued by the expert committee, consisting of pulmonologists, pharmacologists and AIIMS medical specialists to treat cytokine release syndrome, after its clinical trials on COVID-19 patients in India, among other things.” an official told PTI.

“The Biocon medication has already been licensed for several years to treat psoriasis,” said the official.

Before the use of this drug, signed consent of the patient is required, he said.

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