13 Best Free Email Service Providers

An Email Service Provider (ESP) provides email sending and receiving services. Strong ESP enables you to develop templates for newsletters, maintain contact lists, and submit and monitor campaigns on a larger scale. Most mail services are free, although they may be paid for certain premium features.

A handpicked list of Top Email Service Providers with common features is below.

1. Gmail


Gmail is a Google-managed email service. This helps you to send emails and send and receive them. Using third party programs that synchronize email information via IMAP or POP, you can access Gmail.

Top Features:

  • It provides nudges that help you follow up on messages and respond to them.
  • Without opening emails, you can show attachments, snooze messages, and open attachments.
  • It helps you to join Hangouts Meet from your inbox to talk or video call with others.
  • Automatically, Gmail blocks phishing emails.

2. ProtonMail


ProtonMail is a free open-source email service provided by MIT researchers and CERN. It is protected by Swiss law relating to privacy. Encrypted email services are simple to use with end-to-end encryption.

Top Features:

  • In order to establish an email account, no personal information is needed.
  • Without downloading the app, it can be accessed on any computer.
  • Emails that are encrypted with end-to-end encryption are sent and received.
  • To build your safe email account, no personal information is required.
  • ProtonMail is optimized to allow you to properly organize and send an email to read.



Microsoft Outlook is an email service provider that is browser-based. Exchange Server, Exchange Online, and Office 365 are included. It allows you to be active at home and on the go and communicate with yourself.

Top Features:

  • This provides enterprise-grade security.
  • Outlook has a built-in calendar that allows you to schedule meetings or events and manage them.
  • When you hover over its name, you will see contact details.
  • It offers a simple way to locate e-mail documents for individuals and messages.

4. Zoho Mail

Zoho Mail

Zoho Mail is the most reliable and free email hosting service customized to the communication requirements of your company. It is clean and fast and provides protection from fake emails.

Top Features:

  • It has a control panel where the admin can adjust and customize settings.
  • It follows the method of e-Discovery that lets you easily discover emails.
  • It helps you to add notes, exchange files, handle projects, and tag your organizational team in email threads.
  • In order to control your revenue, you can integrate with Zoho CRM (Customer Relation Management).

5. HubSpot


HubSpot is a platform that allows you, without IT or a designer, to build and submit emails. It has a drag and drops editor that allows your mail to be personalized. This software is ready to use models that can be used as needed by you.

Top Features:

  • It makes it possible for you to send personalized emails.
  • With privacy and data security, you can send emails.
  • This helps you to adjust email content with ease.
  • This program makes it possible for you to send CRM emails.
  • It will answer emails automatically.

6. Yahoo! Mail

Yahoo! Mail

Yahoo! Mail is an email service delivered by Yahoo!, the American parent company. It provides a simple sign-up process and gets a huge capacity, i.e. 1 TB, for a free email account.

Top Features:

  • By selecting themes, Yahoo Mail enables you to customize your inbox.
  • Users can search by keyword, date, or contact for emails.
  • It helps you to use animated GIFs to illustrate your emotions.
  • The mobile Yahoo Mail app makes it easy for you to handle your emails when traveling.

7. iCloud Mail

iCloud Mail

iCloud Mail is an Apple-operated email service. It can be used on your Mac machine or iOS system with the Mail app, or with MS Outlook on a computer running Windows.

Top Features:

  • It helps you to have IMAP access.
  • It immediately detects and brings new messages into the inbox.
  • iCloud Mail loads HTML images automatically.

8. AOL Mail

AOL Mail

AOL Mail is a free web-based email service offered by AOL, the Verizon Communications division. It has a simple interface with an account and a smartphone application to access the inbox without interruption.

Top Features:

  • It lets you plan your calendar for AOL.
  • This helps you to configure the Email List View.
  • AOL Mail helps the emails to be organized in a better way.
  • It has a personalized screen, so you can concentrate on your task.

9. GMX


GMX (Global Mail eXchange) is a provider of email services providing an advertisement feature. Users can access GMX Mail via the POP3 and IMAP4 webmail protocols.

Top Features:

  • Attachments of up to 50 MB are given.
  • It has a drag and drops features to monitor your schedule.
  • GMX provides an online book of addresses that helps you to keep track of all your contacts.
  • It has powerful rules for email filtering that help you keep your inbox clean.

10. Yandex


Yandex.Mail is an email service provider that is smart and secure. On Android and Android devices, you can use it. This service provider allows you to adjust the look of the mailbox to suit your mood.

Top Features:

  • It allows you to put messages on a timer so that you can write to them and send them at the right timer in advance.
  • It checks all virus emails and stores suspicious emails in the spam folder.
  • Safeguards against spam and fraud.
  • It allows you, with one account, to access all Yandex services.

11. Mail


When generating an email address, Mail allows you to select from 200 domains. An area that suits their profession, personality, location, or lifestyle can be chosen. This email address personalization will function as a particular person’s identification.

Top Features:

  • It offers email storage that is limitless.
  • It has an antivirus tool that protects viruses from your emails.
  • It offers a simple way to use a smartphone to access your mail.

12. Lycos


Lycos is an email service focused on the Internet. It gives you protection from junk mail. It lets you set up signatures, and all incoming emails will be automatically replied to by the Lycos mail system.

Top Features:

  • It offers filters for spam.
  • Provides 3 GB of free mail storage
  • Inbox advertising is not included.
  • Lycos enables POP3 or IMAP to be used to view addresses.

13. Tutanota


Tutanota is an email service that is open-source and encrypted. In all devices with mobile applications, email clients and desktop clients will use encrypted emails.

Top Features:

  • Without Advertising, it offers free email services.
  • For security purposes, it has encrypted calendars.
  • It enables you to send safe emails free of charge to anyone without any hassle.
  • Free Safe Email Offers without any Advertisements