How to Change WiFi Password if Myfiosgateway Not Working?

    By using Myfiosgateway, a Verizon Router, users are able to transmit various digital media and other details to other computers in their offices or residences. It is one of the most powerful available gateway routers and can connect devices via wired and wireless. You can connect all your domestic devices such as tablets, notebooks, computers, phones, and several other devices with the aid of this router.

    But if you don’t think Myfiosgateway is safe, you’re mistaken. It uses VZ restricted router entry. This is an encrypted protocol requiring the proper SSL certificate. And it’s not easy to hack.

    When using a router, it is easier to remain protected from time to time by modifying the password. The default password is used by many people of this router at home. This vulnerability the router to attacks.

    So, you are at the right location if you want to hear about the form for updating your password. Here I will speak about some useful methods for changing the Myfiosgateway password.

    How to Change the WiFi Password of Myfiosgateway?

    Verizon provides several options to modify your password and the username as well. In reality, you can change the login information in three ways. Let’s see them one by one.

    With the help of Fios Mobile App

    The process of changing the password is very simple.

    1. Download the application of My Fios from Apple Store or Android Play Store.
    2. Select the option “Internet”. 
    3. Go to the section “My Networks”. Then, choose the network for which you want to change the password. 
    4. Then press the button “Edit” and enter the new user name and password that you want to set. 

    Using My Verizon

    You will have to visit and connect to your account to change your password. To complete this process, you must have a Verizon account.

    1. Open your Verizon account. 
    2. Go to the “Services” option. Then, click on the “Internet” option. 
    3. Now go to “My Network”. From there, you have to choose the network for which you want to change the password. 
    4. Now, enter your new password and click on “Save Changes”. 

    How to Change the myfiosgateway Password Manually?

    This is the best way to change the password for Wi-Fi. You can quickly change the password if you follow the steps carefully. Ensure you’re linked via LAN or Wi-Fi to the Fios network. Take these steps afterward:

    1. After connecting to the Fios network, open your browser.
    2. Enter the IP address
    3. Your Myfiosgateway login page will open up. 
    4. Enter the user name and password.
    5. In case you have forgotten the password, you can reset the router to its default settings. 
    6. The default router login credentials can be found on the user manual or stickers in the router.
    7. You can now login to and view the configuration of your router after entering the necessary login information.
    8. Then, you will be able to change your password by using the on-screen instructions.

    I hope you have learned how to change the router’s password from the discussion above when facing “Myfiosgateway not working problem”. These are really quick and efficient approaches.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What is Myfiosgateway?
      Ans- Myfiosgateway is one of the most efficient gateway routers, which enables the use of Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and cables.
    2. How do I log into my Fios router?
      Ans- Open a tab and go to 192.168. 1.1 to connect to your Wi-Fi router. Then enter the default login details.
    3. How do I get into my router settings?
      Ans- There are 3 ways by which you can get into the router settings. Check the full article for it.

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