Fix: Gateway Authentication Failure U-Verse (100% Working 2021)

When you are attempting to connect to the Internet with a U-versus modem, the “Gateway Authentication Failure” error is commonly reported and a configuration error is normally seen. It could also happen because of the router’s development of corrupt startup settings.

Some launch settings are bundled by the router to reduce the load times it uses to set its settings. However, it can be corrupt sometimes and discourage you from accessing the internet. In certain instances, the configuration file of the router could be disabled because of a sudden shutdown that may prevent it from connecting to your servers.

What Causes Gateway Authentication Failure

There are often different types of problems, such as the default gateway, the 502 bad gateway, etc. One of the most common problems when connecting to the Internet with a U-verse modem is the Gateway authentication failure. In general, this error represents an error when settings are modified.

What triggers the Gateway Authentication Failure? The main cause of the error is that the router builds up such launch settings, which will increase load times. If a sudden shutdown of the set-up settings is necessary, the router will be stopped from connecting. Also, it may cause if the Ethernet cable is not connected to the right ONT port.

You should grasp this problem overall right now. Now look for ways to resolve gateway authentication failure. Let’s start!

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How Do I Fix Gateway Authentication Failure?

1. Power Cycling the Router

Power Cycling Router


The error is possible when the internet cache built up by the router is damaged and the user is unable to connect securely to the servers. Therefore by fully powering the internet router, we can delete the cache in this phase. That’s why:

  • Switch off the modem by removing the power cord from the power supply.
  • Next, detach the Ethernet cable from both ends.
  • Wait a few minutes and keep your modem idle.
  • Attach the cables to the modem and turn on the modem.
  • Try to get back to the gateway and see for improvements.

2. Reset the Modem

Reset the Modem

Try to reset the current modem settings by pressing the reset button at the back of the modem. You can also do this via the settings page of the routers. The following approaches have been indicated.

Through Router-

  • Click and hold down the rest button for 35 seconds from the rear side of the modem.
  • Release the button when the lights start blinking.
  • Ensure that the modem is turned on.
  • Please notice that resetting the modem resets all device settings.
  • Try to get back to the gateway and check for improvements.

Through Browser-

  • Open your browser in the search bar and enter “”
  • Typing “” in the search bar
  • To login with your credentials, press the “Enter” button.
  • Select “Settings and click on the “Reset” button and select “Diagnostics.”
  • Select the “Reset to default factory settings” and wait until the process goes on.
  • When the device has been reset, wait until the device is turned on and see if the problem continues.

3. Check for an Outage

att outage

  • Go to the page of MyATT.
  • Log in with the ID and password of your party.
  • Now click Fix it now! Support tools option under Help with my service section.
  • A test runs and checks for any problems with the gateway automatically.
  • To use the recommended fixes, obey the on-screen instructions.

4. Check the Cable and ONT Port

Check the Cable and ONT Port

  • If the correct cable is not on the ONT port, a gateway authentication error will occur.
  • Make sure that you have connected the ethernet cable to the correct ONT port.
  • Refer to the User Guide of the router/modem if you are not sure of the ONT port.
  • If your cable is connected in the right port check if the cable is tightly attached.
  • A loose connection can often cause problems.
  • Try establishing the gateway once linked and verify any improvements.

5. Check the Network Connection

Check the Network Connection

According to the study, after cleaning up wires and disconnecting modems, some users experience the U-verse Gateway authentication failure. You must check to see if the connection has been loosened, or if the cables have been unplugged or not. In order to make a direct connection, you should try removing all battery units, surge guards, and other devices.

Try to contact the service provider if the problem continues. Tech Support Experts will help you solve the problem or provide you with a backup gateway if the problem is not resolved.

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