6 Best Programming Language for AI (Artificial Intelligence)

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) refers to the representation of human intelligence of computers that are designed to think like humans and imitate their behavior.

    AI or Artificial Intelligence is an IT analysis of software or machines that carry out tasks at or above the human level.

    The AI is called narrow AI,” as we see today, or “weak AI.” It can only carry out small tasks such as the identification of the face, an internet search, or driving a vehicle. The long-term aim is to establish “general AI” or “strong AI” in the capacity of a person to perform a cognitive task.

    Some Examples of Existing AI:

    1. Face Detection and Recognition

    2. Chatbots

    3. Text Editors or Autocorrect

    4. Digital Assistants

    5. Social Media

    6. e-Payments

    7. Siri, Cortana

    9. Spam Filters

    Many more examples are available. AI  has taken technology to another level. Technologies in healthcare are aiming at essentially treating patients. And far from done. And far from done. AI has tremendous potential to broaden and we want it to penetrate or grow beyond human intelligence.

    You need to know what the most common AI programming languages are if you are interested in AI, work on your own AI projects.

    There are several AI programming languages, and none of them can be considered the Best Programming Language for AI. They all have their own advantages and drawbacks, and today we are talking about 6 of them.

    Top 6 AI Programming Languages:

    • Python
    • C++
    • Java
    • LISP
    • Prolog
    • R


    The language of interpretation is used for AI and ML programs. Python’s rich library collection is the best option for AI projects. Among other OOP languages, the language provides the least code. The prebuilt libraries such as Numpy, Scipy, and Pybrain for machine learning for scientific calculations.


    In 1983 Bjarne Stroustrup developed C++ and retains the title of the fastening language. Time is important for AI projects and C++ is the common option.

    Search engines use C++ for fewer response times and computer game development benefits from fast execution.

    C++ has a complex syntax, so it might not be your first choice as an AI programming language, although it can’t afford Java Virtual Machine if you are working in a built-in environment, that will be your right option.

    C++ is restricted because the default library is small and the waste collection does not support it. Although you have better control performance, it is difficult to manage and build large C++ projects that consume time. This may be the principal explanation of why most AI programmers ignore C++.


    You will wonder why Java can even be used for AI projects. Since AI is closely related to search algorithms, genetic programming, and the use of neural artificial networks, Java can play a crucial role here. One of the reasons Java is flexible in AI programming.


    LISP is the oldest language of AI programming. After Fortran, it is the second oldest language of programming. John McCarthy coined the word Artificial Intelligence. Marvin Minsky, who founded the AI laboratory at MIT, was another pioneer.


    The programmer must define the rules, the facts, and the final purpose in Prolog AI. Following the programmer, Prolog is going to try to find the connection between the three. This is an exceptional way to program AI and its benefits and inconveniences.


    The language of the multi-paradigm is like Python. R Programming supports the programming aiming at objects. It is known as a workhorse for statistics. You will know that the statistics are the basis for AI and ML once you start studying. The essence of Open-Source R means it can be used freely. It has an extensive user base.


    While it is hard to choose one language as the best programming language for AI, the above 6 will possibly make it the top 10 languages. Many other AI programming languages, including C++, R, and Prolog, can be used, so you really have to meet the specific project demands.

    I would go for Python if I wanted to pick one as the best programming language for AI because it’s the frontline of AI research. It is more or less an ML, computer science, and cybersecurity language.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Which programming language is best for AI (Artificial Intelligence)?
      Ans- Python seems to be the most common artificial intelligence language today because syntaxes are simple to understand.
    2. Is coding required for AI?
      Ans- Yes, programming is required for artificial intelligence to comprehend and create solutions.
    3. Is Sanskrit the best language for artificial intelligence?
      Ans- NASA states, according to research, that Sanskrit – the old Hindu language – is the most fitting language for computer programming in its Artificial Intelligence program.
    4. Is C++ good for AI?
      Ans- C++ is the fastest programming language, its speed is respected for time-sensitive AI programs.

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