Organize Your PDF Files With These 2 PDFBear Tools

PDF format is in demand in the corporate world because of its essential feature that most of us must know before sending our files online to different recipients every day. It helped us do all the communications in a more effortless and faster way than the old methods.

That’s why we should always convert our files to PDF before we send them out online through Yahoo Mail, Google mail, company emails, and more. By having our files in PDF format, we make sure that all its content is protected from any harm. One amazing web-based PDF tool master can ensure that all your PDF needs are safe and unharmed, that is PDFBear.

What Exactly Is PDFBear?

PDFBear is one of the most controversial websites that offers you more than twenty-five PDF tools for free. Aside from that, through PDFBear, your files are well protected and safe from any copycats, alterations, and more. With PDFBear, you can organize your PDF file by the split PDF pages tool, delete PDF pages tool, merge PDF tools, and more.

For some beginners, this website is the right one for you because all of their procedures are easy to follow and fast. This website offers a fourteen-day free trial to all of their services, and if you find this website useful and essential where it can assist you with your job, then you can sign up for their Pro member by paying only $5.99 a month.

1.     Split PDF Pages Using PDFBear

Some people may still not understand why there is a Split PDF tool on the PDFBear website. In the corporate world, we may encounter many different things about our PDF files since the PDF format is highly in demand in any company because of its essential features. The twenty sex available PDF tools in the website has their purpose of existence.

There are three main factors to consider before trying to use the Split PDF pages tool. First is if you have a huge PDF file size in your computer that could eat up a lot of space in your hard drive. You can organize that file by merely selecting the essential pages and removing the unnecessary ones.

Second is when you are collecting data from hundreds of people, you can split that significant page and recycle the unnecessary ones; then, when the important pages have been removed from the mother file, you can merge all those important pages into one with the Organize PDF tools available in this website.

Lastly, your supervisor or manager wants you to send him or her the pages they want to keep from a long report. Follow these simple procedures for this tool:

  1. Select and upload the PDF file that you want to split.
  2. Once your file is uploaded, you have the privilege to choose the pages you want to split from the original file.
  3. After that, click the refine pages in the available option and then export them to individual PDF files.
  4. The new split PDF is ready for you to download to your device.

2. Merge PDF Files Into One With PDFBear

The Merge PDF tool in PDFBear is one way to keep all your PDF files organized in one file in this way; you can save up enough space on your hard drive or desktop. The other purpose of merging your file is to help you attach different files without using a lot of space in your email, and with this, you can send your files as one without compromising their quality in a faster way.

Merging PDF is not difficult at all with the help of this website. All you have to do is follow the necessary steps listed below for your future reference.

  1. Select the different PDF files you want to merge (you can select as many as you want) and then upload them to the PDF merger box.
  2. When the uploading is done, the combiner tool will merge all your files into one. This process might take a little time because of the different sizes your files might have.
  3. When the merging is done, you can modify all your PDF files that are being merged before pressing the “combine” button.
  4. If everything is done, you can download the new PDF file to your hard disk or share it through dropbox or google drive.


Keep all your files neat and clean through the help of the organize PDF tools that are available on the PDBear website. By organizing your files, you can save up enough space for your future documents.

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