[Working Tricks] How to Stop or Deactivate Coronavirus Caller Tune?

    As Per Government’s Advice Reliance Jio, Airtel, and Vodafone started playing a recorded Caller Tune Message with a cough and coronavirus disclaimer from the beginning of the pandemic. According to the telecommunication companies, the coughing sound has now gone, but many users still experience it but very rarely.

    Coronavirus has spread worldwide and has surpassed 25 Million Cases Globally with the death toll 8 Lakh Plus. 

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    The Health Ministry of India demanded that all major telecoms companies should add a 30-second COVID-19 prevention caller to their networks. BSNL, MTNL Reliance Jio, Airtel, and Vodafone-Idea have all added a caller tune to the consolidated network of 117.2 crore subscribers, according to the Ministry of Health.

    How to Stop or Remove Corona Caller Tune

    Certainly, the Caller tune for Coronavirus brought about a great sense of consciousness. Nevertheless, the sound of the tunes with a COUGH tone was an irritation for many subscribers. People in an emergency have to wait 30 sec for the caller tune to get over then the call used to get connected. So several users request to remove it.

    Method 1 (Not Working for all Users)

    For Airtel Users, Dial *646*224# and press 1 to Deactivate


    For Jio Users, Send “STOP” to 155223 to remove Corona caller tune

    For BSNL Users, Send “UNSUB” to 56700 or 56799 (SMS)

    For Idea Users, Send “STOP” to 155223 (SMS or CALL)

    For Vodafone Users, Send “CANCT” to 144 (SMS)

    stop corona caller tune

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    Method 2

    On Android, you can just press any number after the call has been placed, by shifting the dialer to prevent the caller tune playback. After a number is pressed, the message ends and the call rings as usual. You might have to press multiple times some time. 

    Note: Working with Airtel & Vodafone Idea networks. For Reliance Jio & BSNL You have to wait till it ends.

    On the iOS, the dialer must be opened and the hash (#) button pressed to stop it. The message won’t quit pressing numbers like smartphones on Ios. 

    If the alert does not stops keep pressing the (#) button on iOS, or a number with Android a few times, because your telecom service provider may not have seen it first.

    You can avoid playing the message by using this trick. However, the next time you make a call it will again start playing and you have to run the trick again.

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