PS4 Controller Won’t Charge Issue : Top 4 Fixes 2021

Does the light on the front of your PS4 controller not light up at all when you plug your charging cable? But be sure you are not alone; a huge number of PS4 users are facing the same PS4 Controller Won’t Charge issue.

Hardware damage may be at fault in some situations. If this is the case, then replace or fix the controller by Sony.

The PS4 console and controller typically has a 1-year warranty, so make sure to show your receipt when you visit your local Sony store if the controller stays within this time.

Here are some quick guides for you to fix PS4 Controller Won’t Charge issue easily.

Fix 1: Reset the PS4 controller

Generally, you’re not charging PS4 controller is triggered by the malfunctioned controller itself. We suggest that you reset your PS4 controller as an initial solution.

By these several steps, you can easily reset your controller:

Step 1: Find your controller’s reset button: it is an incredibly small opening in the bottom and under the L2 button of your controller.

ps4 reset button
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Step 2: Click the button, keep it down for a few seconds, then release a toothpick or similar item in the reset pad.

Step 3: Then restart your controller. Try loading it again to confirm successfully once it is started.

Fix 2: Using another USB cable

You’re first to search whether you’ve got an unsafe USB cable. Small wires may be within the standard USB cable, which might not pass enough power to the control when charging if any of these wires are broken. Check for and replace any visible injury signs with another.

Well, any form of USB cable you can use and you don’t just use the one you have with your console. Try to use the one cable to make sure your phone works.

You may want to Turn Off Avast Temporarily So Check it Out…

Fix 3: Checking the Charging Port

Dust, lint, or dirt can be quickly gathered over time from the charging port of your controller. If these things accumulate too much it could stop attaching the USB cable during charge sessions.

Checking the Charging Port
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If necessary, try examining the USB port using a lens to see whether it needs to be cleaned up. If it is required, use compressed air in order to blow out dust or waste.

In order to extract any stuff, you see inside you, be extra vigilant with the use of a wooden toothpick. The controller can be completely useless by a broken connector inside the port.

Fix 4: Replace the PS4 Controller Batteries

You cannot be disappointed if you have tried all the above fixes and cannot charge your controller yet. Make sure this last yet helpful approach is attempted.

change ps4 battery
Captured from YouTube (Seasoned Gaming)

If you use your PS4 for a long time, your controllers’ batteries will lose their charges and die again and again. So try substituting new PS4 batteries to see how it works.

Please feel free to upgrade your controller’s batteries as this will not affect your PS4 guarantee.

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If none of the above solutions works, you should assume that the controller is probably having a hardware problem.

Have your nearest Sony store replaced him. You may also be given a free alternative for it if it is already under warranty. You’re probably going to need to buy a new one otherwise.

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