content:// (The Definitive Guide)

    It may be hard for the non-technical guy to get an idea about content:// That is why I will break it out into simple terms for you to get a basic knowledge regarding it. The content:// is for allowing to share the content within the different or same application on your device. The com.Android.browser is the name of the package. And the home/ is the default browser to access the home page.

    Whenever you get yourself an Android smartphone, then you will get an Android browser and it is a prominent app to use on your device. Google Chrome is the default Android web browser on Android devices. However, the Android browser i.e content:// should have smooth browsing experiences with great performing features for Android users.

    Sometimes, you’re unable to modify your default Android browser because it is hidden by the manufacturer.

    Top Android Browsers of All-time:

    Top Android Browsers

    From the given top 8 Android browsers, one can use them as their primary browser by modifying the content:// 

    What is content://

    When you purchase the new Android smartphone, you can access the given default browser that is content:// . However, you can also modify the default Android as per your customization.

    For a non-technical guy, it may be hard to do that but at the same time, you’re bored with the old browser and want some new features. But, some of the time there are many hidden methods while making changes

    No worries, I gotcha there!

    Given Below Steps Will Help You do That in a Very Simple Way:

    1. First, open your default Android browser app.
    2. Now go to the menu button that is visible on the upper end of your screen.
    3. Go to the option that says ‘setting’ and after that find out the ‘Android browser setting’ option.
    4. Later, open the ‘general’ setting and pressing it for a long time will give ‘set homepage’.
    5. Now, enter the desired URL manually that you want to choose as your default page.

    If you are not able to find out the options that mean it is hidden by the manufacturer of your phone. But, still, you can try out this other option for changing your default Android browser (content://

    • This time open the site you want to put it as your homepage.
    • Now, press the menu and bookmark that page.
    • Again, press the menu button and go to the bookmark.
    • Find out the desired site you bookmark and tap-hold it.
    • This will show ‘set as homepage’.

    How to Change the Default Android Browser (content:// in Your Android Device?

    It is not mandatory to use or have the default Android browser forever, right? Yes, that is why there are many other applications you can use and make it your default browser. The older web browser would be low quality or would have fewer features as well.

    But, the newly downloaded apk file from the play store can have great features with a more smooth and fast browsing performance.

    You can choose another top browser from the above-given lists on the top Android browser. Some of the great recommendations for the greater usage experience are Firefox and Opera.

    Using Firefox as your default Android Web Browser would be more effective. As Firefox pretty much has a good interface and fast loading while working. As it matches your saved passwords, bookmarked pages, web history, etc well with your Android smart device.

    firefox homepage customization

    In addition, in Firefox you can easily customize your homepage as per your needs.

    You can simply use it after downloading the apk file through the following steps:

    • Open the ‘setting’ on your Android device.
    • Now, scroll down till you find out Apps, notifications, and warnings. Later, tap on it to open.
    • After that, tap on the ‘default applications’ and search for the ‘browser’ menu and tap it.
    • Now, from the given list, choose Firefox.

    The Benefits of a Decent Homepage and Reason to do That


    If you have chosen a different web browser for the front page, then you should know things a little bit. If you’re a person who uses and manages pages for the long run and uses your wifi over the mobile data. For that, you can module it and it will provide you to simply connect to your most used pages as opposed to modify a custom front page.

    Later, you should again set your Web browsing application’s default page to, a non-HTTPS site.

    The reason for doing so is that will support you when you get error messages for not being secured to get to sites before signing from the device through wi-fi.

    However, using the non-HTTPS page as the default Android web browser can assist and reduce the issue you get because of all considered things.

    Why You Should Change Your Default Android Web Browser?

    Sometimes, you need to get rid of the old web browser which is the default one, and use the other great optimized ones like Firefox or Chrome. However, to open you have to go to install an application called instead open with.

    Android gadgets is a free application and totally gives authority over the “open with” options.

    Still, Which is the Best browser to use?

    The total size of the opera or Chrome is under 600kb only. Just imagine, you will enjoy and get all the features in the overall size of 0.6mb. Firstly, it will consume less space and secondly, you can smoothly play videos and read on the webpage.

    Moreover, you should try out Google Chrome, Opera, and Firefox and see by yourself which one suits you the best. In addition, all three provide multi-account and multi-gadget for a greater user interface.

    which browser to pick

    Get Custom ROM

    The last option for the great web browser to get on your smart device is to get a custom ROM. some of the good examples are DotOS and CyanogenMod.

    Android Authority

    Using the ROM will be very fast as compared to the default one. They are generally with great marks and more modifications than the standard ROM in your device. But, before getting or making any customization, you should know detailed knowledge regarding it. Later, it cannot be undone and you can lose some things if things get worse. I will suggest using the default Android web browser content:// as it will be enough instead of losing anything.

    What is content://

    There are many syntaxes for your android web browser and one of them is content://

    The index is a similar word for databases and that is used by search engines like Bing and Google. For instance,  If the site is not indexed on the search engine, then any visitors will not be able to find or visit that website while searching.

    The “index” in the given URL is known by browser indexing. The word indexing is a word known and used by the server admins and not any other guest or visitor on the website. It allows the admin to search and index documents.

    Just like content:// there are many other syntaxes. Some of the other syntaxes are:

    • content://
    • content://
    • content://
    • content://

    For example, the bookmark syntax is used whenever you bookmark any page you visited, later you can visit it very quickly.


    If you’re not having any technical or IT knowledge, then using the default Android web browser that is content:// will be perfect. Later onwards, after getting enough knowledge or wanting to experiment with other technical things, then you can do it in your old Android device for better security of personal data.

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