17 Best Android App Development Software in 2021

    The development of Android is at its height. According to Statista, Google Play offers 2.9 billion apps. The need for high-quality Android apps continues to rise as smartphones are coming with Android.

    Nowadays, Android developers need to be efficient in order to deliver quality apps at record speed. They have a range of useful tools and applications at their disposal in this regard. In this post, we’ll look at the contents of a toolbox and Android development kit for the developer. So the best Android App Development Software are listed here.

    Android Studio: Key Android Build Tool

    It is undeniably the first Android Studio tool among Android developers. It’s an official integrated environment for Android App Development, that allows simple code editing, debugging, and checking.

    Established in 2013, the latter developed the one and only IDE for indigenous Android applications, Eclipse Android Development Tools. A thriving Android development community supports it free and actively.


    It’s an IDE for Android that makes it possible to create an Android application on your Android. AIDE provides a way of writing the phone and tablet code as well as installing, checking, and debugging it. In comparison to Android Studio or IntelliJ IDEA, this environment is ideal for beginner developers. The downside is it supports only Java and C/C++. Go for another Android IDE when you create an app in Kotlin.


    Stetho is a Facebook open-source library built for easy debugging applications. Stetho offers a website experience for the application by making it easy to use Chrome Developer Tools that come with a desktop browser.

    You can easily view application hierarchy, monitor network operations, control the SQLite database, monitor mutual preferences, and more via Chrome DevTools.


    Gradle was launched in 2013 as a method of open-source build automation. This system is perfect for massive multi-project builds incorporating the best of Apache Maven and Apache Ant. A third party library with a single line of code is simple to add to Gradle. Gradle is primarily used for creating Android apps using Java, but Groovy and Scala plugins are also available.

    Android Asset Studio

    It is an excellently designed and built a set of simple-to-use tools to generate various types of icons you need.


    Square has created a powerful memory leak detection tool. If the program is enabled, it will start and alert you automatically of any leak in the memory. An integrated stack trace is available for use to correct the problems.

    IntelliJ IDEA

    With Android support, JetBrains built a Java IDE. This is a good choice for Android Studio, which is primarily used for simple applications. Intelli JIDEA is quick and provides a range of development tools from the very beginning: smart code completion, instant code analysis, refactoring, and plugins from JetBrains.

    Source Tree

    An easy free tool for easily managing Git repositories via Git GUI. All updates, commits, branches can be visually displayed without even having to enter a single command on a command line. Offered for users of Mac and Windows.

    Unity 3D

    You can use a cross-platform engine with various features for graphically intensive and VR/AR games when making mobile games. It’s OK to stick to Android Studio or IntelliJ Concept to build games, but Unity will be offering custom tools like storytelling, profiling of next level, real-time rendering, etc.

    GameMaker: Studio

    This is one of YoYo’s most popular gaming engines for creating 2D games for Android and other platforms. GameMaker: A solid but simple tool with a friendly drag-and-drop interface that is easy to use. It is also an excellent tool to launch your career in game production.


    This high-performance monitoring library is recommended by many to help you recognize when the thread on your user interface is blocked for some time and the application is slowed down. It is really easy to install BlockCanario, and like LeakCanary it works.

    AVD Manager

    A useful Android Studio tool for virtual computer Android. It allows programmers to create emulations of all Android devices to test the efficiency and responsiveness of the software on a single computer. AVD manager removes the need for each form, screen size, and resolution of the physical device.


    Mobile applications demand that a server performs tasks including user authentication and user data synchronization on many devices. However, it takes a maturity that is missing in most ISVs to create such a server. Fortunately, many back-end service networks, also called BaaS, are available to you today. One such site is Google’s Firebase.

    Firebase offers critical services such as review, crash, authentication of users, and free cloud messages. Freemium services include NoSQL database in real-time, file hosting, and the hosting of static websites.


    Vysor is a tool that takes Android to your desktop to view and communicate from your computer with your smartphone. You can type your keyboard, display your display at conferences, and function more effectively. All operating systems are compatible with Vysor.

    Android Debug Bridge

    This is a specialized method for command-line communication. ADB facilitates the sharing of data with a functioning Android emulator or with a real Android computer (tablet, phone) linked (using USB, Wi-Fi network). The tool is included in the SDK tools kit and belongs to the Android SDK.


    A forum for your Android application to search for defects before it’s pushed to Google Play. This method has a lot to do with quality assurance because it helps to speed up the test process. Pinterest, Tinder, Yahoo, Paypal, and many more are popular with NimbleDroid.

    RAD Studio

    An integral environment in which applications for Android devices can be made. RAD Studio has a visual designer and code editor that enables hybrid applications to be written, compiled, and deployed using a single coding base. It is sponsored in the SDLC. Using a test version to take it for a spin.


    Android development progresses quickly and many tools make it easier for people to work every day. The choice typically depends on personal preferences and specifications of the product. We hope this tool will enable you to deliver useful Android applications. We are proud to be part of their powerful Android apps for our customers.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Which is the best software for Android app development?
      Ans- Android Studio is no doubt the official and best Android app development environment.
    2. Which software is used for Android app development?
      Ans- Android Software Development Kit (SDK)
    3. Can I make my own app for Android?
      Ans- Without knowledge of coding or mobile app development skills, you can create your Android app yourself through the Android App Maker.

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