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Failed to join Minecraft using your Microsoft account? Continuously facing error? Then, this post is just for you.

If you’re trying to build crossplay for Minecraft in your Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 4 console then you are also in right place.

What is https // in Minecraft?

Https /aka ms/remoteconnect is a Minecraft PS4 Bedrock Version bug. This is a bug mainly facing Minecraft players who attempt to play the game for the first time with the Microsoft account. This bug cannot cross-play with a Microsoft account. The result is not. But don’t worry, here is the 100% working fix for you.

Why Am I getting Microsoft Error?

Because of the system update, the key reason to get the https /aka ms/remoteconnect  message. Many players change their devices because they don’t have many features. You most definitely face the Microsoft login bug when you try to move your devices from XBOX One to PS4.

This bug can’t sign up with your Microsoft account in Minecraft. An error message like https /aka ms/remoteconnect will be notified to you continuously, enter Microsoft Code.

Cross-play is another explanation for the remoteconnect signing of https / remoteconnect in error. Minecraft is provided with Crossplay but you need a Microsoft account. So, now in Bedrock Editions, it’s just a matter of commands.
It hurts, I know because the main assets of the game are removed. Unfortunately, since tokens no longer are allowed, you can’t even buy anything from the shop.

Only Ps4 and Xbox One or Xbox 360 is used to detect the https /aka ms/remoteconnect errors. So you would see an error message if you were a brand new Microsoft account holder.

People are still playing Ps4 Bedrock because of realms, crossplays and servers. So, if you don’t have the features you play, it’s a little bit irritating.

Recently, however, several reports came from users who experience the$AnnotatedConnectException in Minecraft error when attempting to connect to the server. 

How to Fix https // Microsoft Sign in Bug in Minecraft

Fixing the https // Microsoft bug is really easy. Follow the solutions accordingly and resolve this issue easily.

Solution 1: Enter the Microsoft Sign in Code From Minecraft

  • You may need a couple of attempts to access the game if you have a new Microsoft account.
  • Go to the Microsoft Code access page. Bookmark it using a mobile or PC.
  • Open the Minecraft Error Message display and write down the code. Copy and paste the code on the Microsoft page onto your other device.
  • After code entry, you can access Microsoft and visit the Minecraft Store.

Solution 2: Try Deleting the Minecraft Saved and Corrupted Game Date

  • Go to Settings, then System Settings > Storage > Game storage.
  • Find the two Minecraft game data files.
  • Delete these two-game files and start again.

Solution 3: Try to Create a New Free Microsoft Account.

  • If you recently changed your device, then the https //aka ms remoteconnect error is caused by the Microsoft account. The Microsoft Account from Xbox may conflict with the PS4, and vice versa.
  • To fix this, simply create a brand new Microsoft account.

How to Setup Microsoft Remote Connect on Xbox One

To set up the Microsoft remote connect account on Xbox one with the Xbox mobile application, enter your console screen code.

Here are the steps for installing Xbox one Microsoft remote connection:

  1. Log in to a free Microsoft account.
  2. Copy the aka ms remote connect code from Minecraft.
  3. Paste the code on the Microsoft enter code page.

How to Setup Cross-play Engine Xbox?

You can play with other Minecraft players from different devices using the crossplay engine. All players are required to subscribe to their Microsoft account.

Is it hard for you to Minecraft? See how you can easily change levels of Minecraft difficulty.

If you want to play Minecraft with a friend who uses PS4, you’re an Xbox player. Allow your Xbox to play with the cross-playing engine.

Follow the steps to setup cross-play Engine on XBOX:

  1. Press the Xbox button of your controller and go to Settings.
  2. Go to Account, and select Account Privacy and Online Safety.
  3. Select Xbox Live Privacy.
  4. Select Custom > View Details and Customize, and then Communication & Multiplayer.
  5. Enable Communication Outside of Xbox Live.

Minecraft Mojang Customer Service:

I still have problems with Minecraft’s account.

How can I contact Customer Service Minecraft?

Please use the customer support form at to contact Minecraft customer service.

Enter your game, platform, and contact information and choose:

  • Account Support (for the Remoteconnect error).
  • Technical Support.
  • Realms Support.
  • Marketplace Support.
  • Refund Support.

Now, type your issue, click the ‘Im not a Robot’ box, and click on Submit.

Minecraft Mojang Corporate Office Locations:

The Mojang Corporate Office Headquarters address is:

  • Mojang AB
  • Söder Mälarstrand 43
  • Stockholm, Stockholm 11825
  • Sweden


The Nintendo switch problem is only apparent on the Ps4 consoles at https / The best way to remove the problem of https /aka ms/remoteconnect ps4.

The Minecraft Bedrock Edition, I know it’s disappointed not to be playing. The Bedrock Version includes very few features that become gameplay-pathetic, along with this kind of glitches. It’s just a coding universe. You can’t enjoy servers, realms and cross-play if you can’t join the Microsoft account.

Microsoft may not be fixed to DLC or Minecraft packs on https / remoteconnect. Therefore, carefully follow the steps in the post to fix the problem.

FAQ for Aka Ms Remoteconnect

  • What is Aka MS Remoteconnect? is the URL on the website for Minecraft players using PS4 and Nintendo switches. You can also play online Minecraft with friends on this website using other devices at home. The code from your app or device is prompted for entering.
  • Is Aka Ms Remoteconnect safe?

Yeah, it’s a secure website for  Microsoft owns the domain and redirects you to remark.srf. can be used as a Microsoft web URL shortcut such as, and

  • How to Find friends using their Microsoft account in Minecraft?

Follow the steps to find friends using a Microsoft account:

  1. Open the Friends Tab after starting the game and Click on Add Friends.
  2. Type the Microsoft Gamertag of your friend, and you will be able to find them.
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