What is 94FBR? – Find Serial Key or Crack of Any Software

Most of you download and use torrents and other sites for cracked software, but often the serial key of such software becomes very hard to find.

I’ll make it easier for you by showing you an interesting and quick Google trick that helps you to quickly locate a serial key, or crack some software.

You can find serial keys of any software by using 94FBR.

What is 94FBR?

94FBR was a part of a Microsoft Office 2000 Pro Activation key, that was leaked to the
internet to bypass the initiation mechanism of Microsoft and to get any software crack using 94FBR.

As this word is moderately exceptional, it would be usually retrospective to pages publishing unauthorized serial numbers by applying it to the inquiry queries.

The majority of software is available in the trial version for free, following the trial version we look for crack, serial no, keygen, patch, and the majority of us do not where to get Serial No & ruin time to Google it.

So I’ll let you know a great Google trick today that will help you to find serial key or crack of any software. Go to Google and look for the following.

Step 1 : Go to Google

go to Google

Step 2 : Then Type “Software Name” 94FBR

For example : To find serial key of Windows 10 then type Windows 10 94FBR

windows 10 94fbr

You will get search result something like this. You can see lot’s of websites returned with key or cracked software you have searched for.

By searching for Software Name + 94FBR, you can make sure that the results that are returned are specifically with the software you’re looking for.

NOTE: It’s just a knowledge about internet connectivity and an effort to discover something useful for you. We’re not encouraging hacking or cracking. Stick with us for more tricks and tips.

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