What is the best cursive font in Microsoft Word?

Questions & AnswersWhat is the best cursive font in Microsoft Word?
Sayan Dutta Staff asked 7 months ago

Best Cursive font in MS Word

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Shelly Solis Staff answered 7 months ago

Freestyle Script is a casual script typeface with a number of great features. Its connection withletters is loose and informal, yet the overall effect is still very readable. This makes it perfect for a wide range of applications, from invitations and greeting cards to headlines and advertisements.
Some of the defining characteristics of Freestyle Script include its bouncing baseline, childlike handwriting quality, and large x-height. These give it a friendly appearance that is perfect for many different projects.
If you’re looking for a good cursive font in Microsoft Word, then Freestyle Script is definitely worth considering. Its easygoing nature makes it great for Photoshop work as well as web design. Give it a try and see how you like