Is Spyware Technology Helping Governments to Spy On Phones?

Spyware technology consists of unwanted software that infiltrates into your phone or computer to steal sensitive information is known as spyware. It is in the form of malicious software and it can get access to your phone or computer without your permission. Spyware software can gather private information of the users from their phones or computers. After gathering the private information of the users, they can use it for various purposes. Most of the hackers use this technology to steal credit card information of the users. As a result, lots of people have to deprive of their money. With the help of spyware, hackers can also install some additional software on your phone. The additional software can easily change the setting of your phone. Most of the governments are also using spyware technology to track the online activities of their residents.

Some governments try to monitor the online activities of their residents. For this reason, they try to get an idea about every keystroke, message and location of the users. For this reason, the most famous Israeli technology company NSO is providing the services of spyware for the governments. You can check the website of this company and you can also check their rates. For this reason, this company is selling surveillance tools to its users. These surveillance tools are helpful for technology companies to monitor the activities of the users. With the help of these tools, the governments can also turn the phones of the users into the secret recording devices. These tools also provide enough information about the location of the users. The governments can also extract the personal contacts of the users. All of these tasks will be performed without getting permission from the users.

This company has been working on this project for six years. In the early days, this company has kept a low profile. Nowadays, this company has made its profile higher. According to the security researchers, this company has got access to the iPhone. They have made this claim because they have seen the spyware activities of this company in the iPhones of the human rights activists. The security researchers have also detected these kinds of spyware activities into the phone of the most famous Mexican journalist. He has written some articles about the corruption in the Mexican government. These things are showing that the governments of these countries are using this technology to track the online activities of the targeted people. The New York Times has also revealed the internal emails and contracts of this technology company. These emails and contracts are showing that this company has made deals with different people.

This company is marketing its services to the governments and law enforcement agencies in different countries. While marketing its services, this company is arguing different governments and law enforcement agencies that this spyware technology will be helpful for them to eradicate terrorists and drug lords. This also the best technology for the governments to eradicate corruption. The governments which are using this technology are getting the required benefits of this technology. They are using this technology to know the terrorist’s networks in their countries. They are also using this technology to catch the kidnappers. For this reason, they install the spyware software on the phones of the criminals. They install this software just like malware. It means that these governments are doing legal tasks by following illegal paths.

According to the CEO of this company, they are trying to make this world safe for the residents. A study by a dissertation firm showed that the employees of the NSO technology company have revealed that the company has strict guidelines about the selling of its services. They don’t share the information about their customers with anyone else. For this reason, the company has set a team of ten members. This team takes care of the information of buyers. This company can sell its services to the governments. Its reason is that governments can use their services to catch terrorists and other criminals in their countries. Now, the problem is that these services are used to steal the private information of the journalists and human activists too. This is not true. For this reason, the company should make some strict rules. Its reason is that when NSO sells its system to a government, this government uses it at its desired place. NSO should provide guidelines about the use of its system. NSO should say the government that they should use it against criminals only.

The demands of the NSO spyware technology is increasing day by day. This thing has created some problems for big companies like Facebook, Apple and Google. Its reason is that these companies ensure the security of the private information of their users. If a government is using this spyware system, this government can also get private information of their residents from these companies. To save their users from this kind of problem, these companies are trying to provide stronger encryption system for the users. With the help of this stronger encryption system, it will be hard for the governments to extract private information of their users. Anyhow, governments can get access to the phones of their residents. When they have access to their phones, they can extract all kinds of information.

In the last month, Apple has discovered three kinds of spyware attacks on their phones. They have taken strict actions against these spyware attacks and they have introduced a new encryption system for the users. By using this new encryption system, the users can save their mobile phones from the spyware attacks. Israel has imposed strict guidelines on the sale of digital weaponry. In the case of NSO digital group of technology, Israel has not imposed these strict guidelines. That’s why this company is selling its system to different governments in the world. It is a private firm and its business is growing. Its reason is that governments have to monitor the activities of their residents for various purposes. Therefore, they need this system. This company also provides complete control of this system to the governments. It means that they don’t have access to the private information of the residents of different countries.

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