Samsung TV Turning On and Off by Itself? (Stepwise Guide)

Due to many causes, the Samsung TV Turning On and Off again and again. If the internal timer by mistake is set to turn the television on or the connected device issues, e.g. USB wireless LAN adapter. For example low remote battery.

Besides, you can also turn on the TV automatically if you haven’t modified the Samsung TV firmware.

Fortunately, there are some of the best suggested fixing methods here, which will definitely help solve the problem.

5 Best Fix Samsung TV Turning On and Off By Itself

First of all, we advise you not to block remote power. You have to buy a new remote if it is.

But if everything is OK and the Samsung TV still works unexpectedly, it turns off then read the rest of the passage.

Fix 1: Battery test

You should first check the remote batteries, as low power often leads to this technical failure. Also, you can’t see anything happening if you push any remote keys.

Purchase a new set of batteries in this condition and insert them on the remote. In addition, check whether the problem has been fixed or not randomly activated and deactivated.

Fix 2: Inspect the Internal Timer

If the solutions above cannot provide the requisite results on Samsung TV, it is advised that you should figure out the internal timer on Samsung TV.

Place the preferences from the settings. Scroll down here and pick the choice Clock/Timers. A new window will open. Place the internal timer here and make sure it is triggered.

In addition, check the error status. Sadly, if you still obtain it, take a look at the following solution below.

Fix 3: Checking Connected Device

Often your Samsung TV will automatically turn on or off because of a defective connected system. You should unplug a computer from the TV at a time under such a situation.

Continue until Samsung TV stops automatically turning on. Now you are recommended to replace the defective device with a new device once you find it.

Fix 4: Restart the Device

Still, facing the same problem? Reboot your computer is then suggested. This approach is fruitful for millions of users. To do this, first press the Samsung TV Power button.

You must then disconnect it from the power source. Wait 15 to twenty seconds now. Tap the power button and plug it in again.

Have you worked on the solution? Read the next fixing strategy if the answer is no.

Fix 5: Firmware Upgradation (Via Web or USB)

Fix bugs, Samsung TV firmware updates are important to improve the current functionality. There is therefore time to update the firmware if all four solutions fail to fix the problem.

Well, you can update the work on the Internet, but you may need to update the firmware using the USB in some cases.

  • Via Web

If you want a web browser to complete the update process, make sure that Samsung TV is linked to the Internet first. You must then press the Remote Control menu button.

Then pick the Sustainable alternative. Many choices appear immediately on the LED display. Pick the Software Update option from there. At the next display, switch on the Auto-Update function to ensure the updated version is always supported.

Now, select the Update Now option for a manual search. The TV will then search for the most recent update. If there is an update available, tap Yes and install it on your computer. Tap Yes.

If the updating process is complete, see whether or not the problem persists.

  • Via USB

Make sure that you have a device linked to the home network until you start the upgrade process. A USB drive with ample storage space is also required.

Bear in mind, the update that is necessary for your computer must be activated. Get the model number of the Samsung TV before heading to the next level.

Then start your device’s web browser. In the address bar enter ‘’ and click on the Go button. The help page is opened. Then select the Support function.

First, enter the model number in the search box and pick the right model from the drop-down list.

Select the Manuals and Downloads option in the next pane. You’re going to the download tab. You’ll see several choices here. Pick the See More button from them.

Tap the Download button, finally. Wait a while before you can finish the download process. The firmware is then downloaded to your computer when it is done.

The firmware is imported into the installation folder if you use a Windows OS. If you are a Mac user, the file is downloaded to the folder that you downloaded from the Dock.

The random switch on and off problem won’t irritate you anymore after upgrading the firmware.

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