Getting A Javascript Error On Discord? [Here’s The Quick Fix]

The error “A JavaScript error occurred in the main process” or Discord Javascript Error normally occurs when Discord is started on your computer. Normally, the error message window includes different error information, but it can hardly be understood by casual users.

There have been several different approaches used by individuals to solve this problem. Typically, the strategies are easy enough to quickly execute without wasting too much time. Make sure you closely follow the directions and the issue should disappear in no time.

Reasons Behind Discord Javascript Error

There are not many established triggers for this problem, and most of the troubleshooting techniques you can perform are based in one way or another on resetting Discord or its settings. Even we have a shortlist prepared for you to check out below:

  • Corrupted Discord Setting

In this case, the installation of Discord is to blame for either resetting its settings or reinstalling the program

  • Quality Windows Audio Video Experience service Running Issue

This service is important for the app since it is closely connected to the core features of the software. Ensure that it immediately starts up.

  • Discord operates with administrator rights

Running Administrator Permissions Discord is known to trigger this issue, so make sure this option is removed.

Step-Wise Fix For Discord JavaScript Error

We have decided to build this step-by-step, easy-to-understand guide on how to address the mistakes that hinder you from downloading and using Discord.

Let’s lose no more time and dive right into the techniques!

Fix 1: Delete Discord Files In Localappdata & Appdata

Discord constantly stores temporary data on your PC, like many programs to make it run as quickly as possible. Those temporary files, however, may often become compromised and interfere with the way the program runs.

You need to uninstall these particular files in order to give Discord a simple run when booting up your machine.

  • By opening Windows Explorer and clicking This Computer, navigate to the following location on your computer:
  • You can need to switch on the feature that allows you to access hidden files and folders if you are unable to see the AppData folder. On the File Explorer menu, click the “View” tab and click the “Hidden Items” checkbox in the Show/Hide section. File Explorer displays the secret files and holds this choice in mind until you change it again.
  • In the AppData folder, remove the Discord folder. Try exiting Spotify and stopping the operation in Task Manager if you receive a message stating that certain files could not be removed because they were in use.
  • To open the Run dialogue box, either press the Start button or the search button next to it and enter ‘Run’ or use the Windows Key+R key combination. Enter “%LocalAppdata%” and press Enter.
  • In the folder that opens, find the Discord folder, right-click it, and select Delete.
    Make sure the archives are absolutely removed and there are no more files left in the folder. Check to see if, after restarting your machine, the Discord Javascript Error still exists!

Fix 2: Quality Windows Audio Video Experience service Running Issue

Changing the startup form of the Quality Windows Audio Video Experience service from Manual to Automatic helped many users overcome JavaScript errors. They also stated that for applications other than Discord, the method managed to solve the JavaScript error! In order to fix the problem, follow the steps below!

  • Use the Windows Key + R key combination on your keyboard to open the Run utility (press these keys at the same time. In the newly opened box, type ‘services.msc‘ without the quotation marks and click OK to open the Services tool.
  • Locate the Quality Windows Audio Video Experience service on the list right-click it, and from the context menu that appears, select Assets.
  • If the service begins (you should verify that the service status message is right next to it), you can stop the service by clicking the Stop button in the middle of the window. Anyway, run it by pressing the Start button again.
  • Make sure that the option in the Service Properties window under the Startup form menu is set to Automatic before continuing with any other steps. Confirm any dialogue boxes that can appear when the start-up form is changed.

Fix 3: Check Antivirus not blocking Discord

A handful of antivirus programs are known to target and effectively quarantine unique Discord installation files during installation, meaning that Discord is unable to access them to complete the process, which triggers the Discord Javascript Error message.

The “discord voice” application-specific approximate recovery file is one file that is widely flagged as potentially harmful by antivirus software.

We need to whitelist the files it picks up and quarantines in order to bypass an overeager antivirus.

The process varies from software to software, so in order to provide a basic example, we use the ever-popular and free Avast antivirus.

1.Start with Avast opening. This can be done by double-clicking on the icon or right-clicking on the “Avast” tab in the Windows apps area.

2. Set the “Protection” tab once in Avast.

3. Within, the virus chest (a quarantine area named by other antivirus software) is shown and the online tab opened.
4. All files that the anti-virus program found unsafe are shown in the Virus Chest. Avast quarantined these files in this situation. We must go in and restore them here.

5. Locate any Discord-associated files. All files related to Discord will be called Discord.

6. One location, when your cursor is hovering over the file, click the three dots. Choose from the list that appears “Restore and add exception”

7. Do this for all Discord files. Upon done. Restart the process of installation.

Fix 4: Run Discord without Administrator Privileges

Some users have found that when you don’t log in to your admin account, the app works. This leads one to conclude that the administrator permissions are the real issue with the tool.

It’s not really the best idea to run random programs as an administrator, and multiple users have advised Discord to actually solve the problem without admin permissions!

  • Locate the Executable Discord and adjust its properties by right-clicking on the desktop entry, Start menu, or Search Results window and pick Properties. Navigate to the Properties Window Compatibility Tab and uncheck the Run box for this application as an administrative option before the changes have been applied.
  • Ensure that you check any dialogues that might appear to confirm your changes and that Discord launches from now on without admin privileges. Open the icon by double-clicking and try to see if the error persists.

Fix 5: Reinstall Discord

You will still encounter the Discord Javascript Error even though you succeed in installing Discord. If this occurs, reinstalling the program is the best way to solve the problem.

It’s very easy to uninstall a program, as I hope you know. But all files must be deleted completely to allow a clean second installation.

How we do it

  • Make sure first of all that you have an administrator account because you can’t uninstall programs using any other account.
  • Click the Start Menu and check for it to open Control Panel. If you use Windows 10, you can also press the cog icon to open Settings.
  • On the control panel, press Uninstall a program from the Program section to View as a group in the top right-hand corner.
  • If you are using the Settings app, a list of installed programs on your PC should be accessed automatically by clicking Applications.
  • Select Uninstall to find Discord from Control Panel or Settings.
  • The Uninstall Wizard of Discord should open, so you can choose to “remove Discord completely on your computer.” Select Yes.
  • When the uninstall process is complete, press Finish.

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Those are the most common ways to repair the Discord Javascript Error that you often get when you use or attempt to install Discord. Take these measures and in most of the cases if you have any discord-related problems the problem will be resolved.

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