3 Smart Reasons Why You Should Get a Prepaid SIM Card

Telecommunication has become an important mode of communication in the world today. Billions of people worldwide have mobile phones which they prefer to use more than conventional emails or traditional telephone calls. However, to use the benefits of telecommunications and other phone services, one must have a SIM card.

SIM cards are divided into two main categories, which include postpaid SIM cards and prepaid SIM cards. The main difference between the two is that a postpaid SIM card allows you to use phone services and pay afterward, while a prepaid sim card requires the payment to be made in advance before the services are used.

If you have been thinking hard about what type of SIM card to get, here are three smart reasons why you should get a prepaid SIM card:

1. If Your Phone Service Usage is Low

Prepaid plans allow you to use phone services if you pay for the phone credits upfront. On the other hand, a postpaid plan allows you to use phone services and pay later.

Using phone services without getting charged on a real-time basis may be advantageous at first, but it is something that you should not do if your phone service usage is low. This is because postpaid plans typically have a minimum monthly payment, which means no matter how little phone credits you use, you will have to pay the same amount every month.

A prepaid SIM card provides a better alternative if you seldom use phone services, such as texting or calling. With this, you only pay for the services and phone credits you consume, making it a better option from a financial standpoint.

2. If You are Travelling to a Different Country

If you are going to travel for the first time to a different country, you should be aware that using a SIM card from your origin country will lead to an enormous phone bill. International roaming charges are very expensive, and different countries charge different rates. This is why using a postpaid SIM when traveling is one of the worst things you could do.

Fortunately, a prepaid SIM card offers a better option. When traveling to a different country, the best thing you could do is get a local prepaid SIM. With a local sim card, you will get to experience the benefits of having local rates for your phone services, so may you save more money that you can use for other aspects of your travel.

3. You Don’t Need a Good Credit History

One of the biggest disadvantages of postpaid plans is that they need quite many requirements, and one of these requirements is good credit history. This is to ensure that you will be able to pay your monthly phone bills. If you don’t have a good credit history, your postpaid plan will most likely be disapproved. This is not the case for prepaid consumers.

Getting a prepaid SIM card does not require you to submit your credit history or other requirements. It is advantageous for individuals who don’t have a good credit score but want to use phone services.


For the reasons mentioned above, prepaid SIM cards are, without a doubt, beneficial. If you want to use phone services but also avoid all the hassles involved in a postpaid plan, a prepaid SIM should be your priority. Check out a reliable and trusted SIM card provider today.