WordPress 5.5 | Coming on August 11, 2020 With Brand New Features

    WordPress the most popular free and open-source content management system(CMS), which is written in PHP and combined with MySQL or MariaDB database. Plugins and Templates features are two of the best features of WordPress. According to the data, 40% of Google’s websites are created or generated using WordPress. Recently the latest version of WordPress which is WordPress 5.5 was announced and set to release on August 11, 2020, and the Next Version WordPress 5.6 is planned to release on December 2020.

    So WordPress will make major changes in 2020, but prior to the release there are many features release for the beta users for analysis and reporting the bugs. For market testing and analysis, a beta version of WordPress 5.5 is available. WordPress 5.5 Beta 1 is now available for download from the official site.    

    You can now taste the essence of the  WordPress 5.5 in the beta release and report if there is any bug because it is still under development.

    Major Changes in WordPress 5.5

    Inline Image Editing

    You can now crop, rotate, and zoom photos inline right from image blocks.

    inline image editing
    WP Beginner

    Block Patterns

    Developing complex pages can be a snap with new patterns of blocks. Many of them are included by default.

    block patterns
    WP Beginner

    Device Preview

    You will now be able to see a different form of view of the content right from WordPress.

    Smoother Editing Experience

    • Refined Drag and Drop Function
    • Parent Block Selection
    • Contextual Focus Highlights
    • Ability to Copy and Readjust Blocks More Easily

    Backgrounds and Gradients

    Now you will be able to add backgrounds and gradients to more kinds of blocks.

    More Types of Measurements

    And support for more types of measurements like ems, rems, percentages, vh, vw, and more.

    XML Sitemaps

    It’s a great News. Now you don’t have to install another plugin for Sitemaps. It is provided by default in WordPress 5.5. Search engines to locate the content of your site are expected to carry out sitemaps.

    wordpress sitemap
    WP Beginner

    Lazy-Loading Images

    Another great feature and also a must-have feature to increase Website Speed. You will not get native support of lazy loading in WordPress 5.5.

    Plugins Updates Using Zip

    By using a ZIP file you can now update plugins and themes.

    install updated version
    WP Beginner

    Auto Update Plugins & Themes

    You can now enable auto-update plugin and themes from the respective sections.

    auto updates
    WP Beginner

    auto update theme
    WP Beginner

    More External Libraries

    PHPMailer, SimplePie, Twemoji, Masonry, and many other Libraries have been added.

    Try Beta WordPress 5.5 Beta 1 by Two Methods:

    1. Download Beta Tester Plugin ((choose the “bleeding edge nightlies” option)
    2. Or Via Zip File.

    How You Can Help WordPress in Devemolpemt

    If you find any kind of bugs you can simply report in the Alpha/Beta Forum. You can also write a bug report on WordPress Trac.

    Mark the Date August 11th, 2020

    All Image Credit Goes to WP Beginner

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