Wikipedia is Asking to Contribute a Small Amount to Keep it Alive

If you’ve visited Wikipedia in the past 24 hours, you probably noticed a Donation Request. A lot of Indians have got this message from Wikipedia – the free online information source for all things on the planet

Thanks to Wikipedia that many science projects were completed, examinations passed, information on films and musicians gathered at one place. 

Today, however, the Wikimedia Foundation displayed a popup of donation for its company beginning with the greeting  “Hi, reader in India, it seems you use Wikipedia a lot”

Wikipedia Donation

The minimum donation starts from Rs 150.

Donation Wiki

A non-profit organization hosts Wikipedia. They have no advertisements. They have donors but only 2% of the readers donate. 

This message by Wikipedia seems to arrive every year this time.

Wikipedia is written and edited entirely by unpaid volunteers. The Wikimedia Foundation manages servers, legal services and technical assistance

WMF had explained in its 2015 blog that to maintain Wikipedia and its sister sites they need the “small donations”.

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