WhatsApp Business Gets QR Code, Catalog Sharing, Sticker Packs and More

WhatsApp recently revealed that they have gained over 50 million WhatsApp Business users worldwide, among them 15 million of whom are Indians.

Start Chatting using QR codes 

During the chat with a company on WhatsApp, users needed to add them to their telephone book and then begin a conversation. In order to make the process a little less complicated, the company has created the QR codes for businesses. Clients are able to scan and speak with a representative about a QR code that a company has on its website, receipt of product packaging.

Android users of WhatsApp Business who want QR codes can use it by clicking on More options > Business Tools > Short link > View QR Code. iPhone users can tap on Settings > Business Tools > Short Link > QR Code.

Improvements to Catalogue sharing

Users of WhatsApp Business may also use the catalog to display the items they sell to customers. It was a very useful tool for the companies it partners with, according to WhatsApp; but they were difficult to communicate until now. WhatsApp has improved the sharing of catalogs and items via social media such as Twitter, Instagram, and others with the latest update.

Companies may simply copy the link and share it, WhatsApp says.

Sticker Pack Open for Business 

The Open for business sticker pack contains more than 20 new animated designs to “help people and companies to stay connected and to say thank you and get business done.” It contains stickers for the ‘out of stock’, ‘sale’, ‘closing soon’, ‘address please’, free delivery’, ‘back in stock’, ‘closed’, and several other designs.

Whatsapp business sticker pack

Tap Emoji icon > Stickers > Add and you will see this pack.  Tap Download next to the pack and it will be shown on your sticker list once you have made it.