Twitter Account of Apple Was Hacked by Bitcoin Scammers

Bitcoin scammers who have also hacked the Twitter accounts of Tesla chairman Elon Musk, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, Microsoft’s co-founder BillGates, and many more have now hacked into Apple’s Twitter account.

Apple users should take care not to think about the false tweet, a bitcoin collection scam. Twitter has deleted fake tweets but regularly posted the scammers who stole the accounts.

apple bitcoin hack
Mac Rumors

The post on Apple Twitter has been deleted. In view of the number of compromised high profile accounts, the hack could have resulted from a security flaw on Twitter.

In fact, Apple does not use its Official Twitter account but reserves itself to submit updates for events and advertising.

UPDATE 1: Twitter says the security breach will be reviewed and patched after the fix is introduced.

UPDATE 2: All tweets from verified accounts tend to be deactivated by Twitter, and no one with a verified account can currently tweet.

UPDATE 3: Most verified Twitter accounts are now once again able to tweet. Twitter continues to work to solve the problem.

Source: Mac Rumors

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