Top 13 SolarMovie Like Site to Watch Movies Online

SolarMovie is a website for viewing movies online and free of charge. The owners of the site made the use and download of films easy for users.

This website does have some disadvantages, however, as some ISPs have forbidden SolarMovie. In addition, the website of SolarMovie can not function.

A curated list of the top websites able to replace SolarMovies is given below. This list includes only websites that can be accessed free of charge.

1. Sling


Sling is service that allows you to view live TV channels on demand. It lets you view movies from TV, smartphone, computer, or mobile phones.
Top Features:
  • You can only register to see your favorite shows.
  • Provides step-by-step program installation instructions.
  • On different screens, you can watch sling TV.
  • You can view local channels free of charge.

2. Lookmovie


Look Movie is a website free of charge for online movies. TV shows are also available in this streaming website.

Top Features:

  • The film based on the genre, year of release, and IMDB rating can be filtered.
  • For each film, you will get rating details, genres.
  • It provides categories such as action, adventure, suspense, fantasy, crime, and so on.


vumoo is the free film streaming portal for viewing films online without registration and downloading free movies. You can stream and download videos in HD format.

Top Features:

  • Find a selection of free online films
  • You can stream and screen HD-quality films.
  • Enable you to view unlimited films after registration for free
  • See your preferred online series

4. Popcornflix


Popcornflix is a website that offers free streaming videos and over the top-level platforms that sell free feature films and web episodes. This is known as a supplement for solar films.

Top Features:

  • Films, TV, and viral videos can be viewed
  • Dedicated to discovering the best HD films Segment.
  • Amazon prime, XBOX, iOS, Google Play, and Apple TV supporters are sponsored.
  • Find films by genre: action, adventure, drama, horror, science fiction, etc.

5. Tubitv


Tubitv is a free online film streaming site that enables you to filter with your favorite HD movies.

Top Features:

  • To use on your mobile, you can download this from Apple to Google.
  • Live Steam channels such as BabyFirst TV, Dove channel, CONtv, etc.
  • In their selection section, you will find a classic film.

6. Yifymovies



YifyFilms is a good SolarMovie rival for film and TV series viewing. Registration for watching movies or television shows is not mandatory.

Top Features:

  • It offers strong sorting options as well.
  • Rating, genres, ratings, and the release year of the film are provided with filters.
  • Ratings help you decide which film to watch based on the ratings shown.

7. Moonline


The best full HD-quality movies are free from With 720p and 1080ps without registration, you can enjoy streaming your favourite video.

Top Features:

  • You can save unblocked streaming online video.
  • Find films in the order A-Z.
  • Check for films by genre such as action, adventure, animation, crime, documentary etc.
  • Find films by their release year.

8. PutLockers2


Putlockers2 is a free online video, TV series site. You may choose from the movie, tv series, and it is a genre according to HD or non-HD.

Top Features:

  • It lets you search the IMDB review to see which movie you are looking for
  • A movie request or complaints may also be submitted about audio, inaccurate or broker videos and links, lack of downloads, etc.
  • The most visited segment allows you to find what others see on this web.

9. CONtv


CONtv is an online film streaming service and a multiplatform OTT. It provides links to classic movies, TV shows, and comics behind the scenes.

Top Features:

  • Available through a range of platforms including your favourite browser, smartphone and tablet computers, Android and iOS
  • Before steaming videos, you must register on this website.
  • You can scan for new videos, subjects, videos, live tv, and so on.

10. 123Movies


123movies have a global platform for piracy, which allows worldwide streaming of a massive resource of pirated movies and shows free of charge from Netflix and other outlets. The website includes the most common and popular online films and TV series for free download. These pirated movies are uploaded once released or even before they are released.

Top Features:

  • By Using 123Movies You Save Time.
  • By Using 123Movies, You Save Money.
  • 123movies With all Platforms are Compatible.
  • You’re Never Out of Fun.

11. 9xmovies


9xmovies is a public website with a collection of pirated movies around the world. It has movies with different languages thus making it popular for online users to view or illegally download films. The main domain of 9xmovies is said to be 8-10 years old hence gaining a large number of the user base. 9xmovies is famous for providing Latest Bollywood and other Dubbed Movies.

Top Features:

  • Leaked Movies by 9xmovies.
  • Find films by genre: action, adventure, drama, horror, science fiction, etc.

12. Movierulz2


Movierulz2 is an online torrent website that leaks online pirated movies. You will get all the latest movies of  Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, English, Malayalam, and others on their website in the Pirated version. The website Movierulz2 has been banned several times by Government but still, it failed to stop movies from leaking on websites.

Top Features:

  • Fast Downloading is a special feature of this website.
  • Download videos in different video formats (360p,480p,720p,1080p)
  • Search to Watch Favorite Movie in HD.
  • Search by Movie Title.
  • Watch Latest Trailers and Reviews
  • Watch 123 Movies Based on User’s Reviews.

13. TodayPk


Today’s Free Download of Films and its various websites not only encourage the network users to download but you can access these films free of charge through the Internet. Films and shows are shown on the webpage according to the success or release date.

Top Features:

  • You can watch any movies leaked in todaypk.
  • Responsible for distributing free film content, including TV shows, in Punjabi, Pakistan, Malaysia, and Bengali.
  • Serch via filter options.


SolarMovies Add-ons/buildings offer unlimited streaming, but if caught streaming free movies + TV shows / Sports, they can also get you into legal problems. SolarMovies users should always connect a VPN during online streaming. A strong VPN SolarMovies masks your identity and circumvents government tracking, geo-blocked content and ISP throttling (which also helps in buffer-free streaming).

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