Social Media Must Not Dominate Your Life

It is very common to see that the eyes of younger and older people are stuck on their phones in buses or even while walking, which results in many severe problems or even deaths.

The availability of large-scale, budget smartphones and free Wi-Fi access at certain restaurants and buses have made things easier, and also because the internet service providers now offer flexible and cheap data bundles.

2.95 billion people used social media worldwide last year. There is also an awful 4.85 billion who do not know about the social media lifestyle and have no interest whatsoever. Generation Z invests more time than Millennial on social media.

Social media won’t last long, as per my assumption. Peer pressure and addiction to social media will decrease after a certain age. It will not take long for another breakthrough to start, and people will soon run after it, for business or leisure purposes.

Erick Miser

Erick Miser is a Senior Author of Read Us 24×7. He lives in the United States of America. He’s best known for Technical, business, and review Content Writing along with the proper knowledge base of SEO.

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