Samsung Joins Hand With ARM and AMD to Beat Qualcomm

Samsung announced last November that it will stop designing its custom CPU cores for Exynos. The company is predicted to have ARM’s next-generation Exynos flagship chipset, which will possibly power the Galaxy S30 series. Samsung plans to become the No.1 Android AP (Application Processor) maker, through a collaboration with ARM and AMD, according to the latest study from Business Korea.

The Snapdragon 875 could be offered a ride for its money by its next mobile processor flagship.

Now that the subsidiary Huawei HiSilicon can not build custom Kirin chips any longer due to United States sanctions, Samsung continues to be the only Android OEM using its own chips. Although Exynos 990 does not exactly match the performance of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 865 and 865 + chipsets, its next Exynos processor is expected to be a huge improvement in every aspect.

The report says that Samsung is working with ARM to build a new CPU based on the Cortex-X core. The ARM Cortex-X1 design announced in May this year pledged 30 per cent higher performance than the Cortex-A77. Compared to ARM Cortex-A78, it also offers 22 per cent higher single-thread performance.

The efficiency of graphics is another area where Qualcomm Snapdragon has an advantage over Exynos chips of Samsung. Samsung plans to use an AMD custom GPU on the flagship Exynos chipset for 2021 to overcome this weakness. The Neural processing units (NPUs) and modems used in future Exynos chips will surpass Qualcomm’s offerings.

Source: AndroidCentral

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