New Creepy Crawlies in AR Search Results Added by Google

Google added 23 Creepy flies including dinosaurs, cats, scorpions, bears, tigers, and its growing roster of Augmented Reality Search Results.

The entire list of insects that you will find on the search result includes rhinoceros beetle, Hercules beetle, Atlas beetle, stag beetle, giant stag, Miyama stag beetle, shining ball scarab beetle, jewel beetle, ladybug, firefly, Rosalia batesi, swallowtail butterfly, morpho butterfly, atlas moth, mantis, grasshopper, dragonfly, hornet, robust cicada, brown cicada, periodical cicada, Walker’s cicada, and evening cicada.

Search for the insect ‘s name and choose the option “View in 3D,” you will be able to see the AR insects. Mobile users can also feel the insects.  On Android or an iOS 11 and up on the iPhone and iPad you’ll need an ARCore-supported unit.

Source: The Verge