Netflix is Bringing a New Cheaper Rs 349 Mobile+ Plan in India

Netflix is testing a new Mobile+ Subscription Plan in India. The product is being tested and priced at Rs 349.

The new affordable plan has an option to stream in HD but is lower than the Rs 499 standard definition (SD) plan for most affordable.

The Rs 349 package allows users to watch contents in HD on a single screen at a time. In comparison to the mobile plan, users can watch videos with a Mobile+ subscription on their smartphone, laptop or Computer. The mobile-only package costs Rs 199 a month and is ideal for smartphone or tablet streaming content in SD at the same time.

At the other hand, the Rs 499 SD plan allows users to download content at their phones, tablets, PCs or Smart TVs. However, the account can only be used on a single device at a time.

The latest plan is priced at Rs 349 and is right between the two existing schemes. Although support for streaming videos on a smart TV is lacking, the plan costs Rs 150 less and provides more clarity.

The plan is being tested and Netflix India will make it available to the public permanently.

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