Windows 11: A Microsoft Retailer Accidentally Leaked the Pre-Order Page

After the popularity of Windows 10, Microsoft is looking for a new change. News from the forthcoming Windows 11 was recently revealed by an official Microsoft retailer. After the report, an official Microsoft representative looked deeply into the issue and said that Microsoft had no plans for Windows 11.

Now, uncertainty has emerged. The true reality is being debated. So, does Microsoft intend to confuse its clients??  Let’s figure it out.


Gift Card Incident

The retailer confidently announced that it had been confirmed with Microsoft on the launch of Windows 11 after the information was leaked from Microsoft Executive. But the retailer apologized for posting invalid information via email after some time.

The retailer submitted a gift card which the retailer refused. And we can be sure that Microsoft won’t launch Windows 11 after this accident.

Windows 10 New Features

Because Windows 11 is unlikely to arrive, its consumers are not being fooled by tech giants. There are few new features which will be added instead to Windows 10. Windows 10 will push to the next step in the design of these new features. These features and functions will secure your data and keep the whole system secure.

Following Windows 10 updates, you can get some nice functionality and apps such as Microsoft’s passwordless account, text magnifier, easy to locate text cursor. In addition, you can also very easily build events and access the taskbar notification settings. In addition, applications in the system look stylish and sophisticated. The virtual keyboard will be packed with several emoji and smiley.

Replacing all issues with Windows

Along with Windows 10 updates, Microsoft now promises all of its users no problem whatsoever. Therefore, in the coming weeks, they will be releasing the new updates.

Not only will these brand new improvements solve all Windows 10 problems but they will also upgrade to Windows 10. But the giant of the software will let you know via forums, there are also significant and recognizable things.

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