Google Pixel Watch Will Come With Always-On Display Feature

Google Pixel Watch is a concept with an awesome playful design and basic Google Pixel design language. It has an Always-On Display, which is made simple with your handle so that the digital watch feeling is not missed when you turn off the screen. Google Pixel Watch will keep you on time, and it will give you a more hand-free and fashionable Mobile Assistant.

The first Google Pixel series has a distinctive yet subtle feel, Playful & Simplicity. What if Google Pixel produced a smartwatch that follows Always-On Display’s current trend?

Often all you need is a little help – this Google Pixel Watch still retains the same fun, lighthearted, simple design language and hands-free support.

This smartwatch concept features an Always-On display, designed to be simple to feel on the handle and also allows the digital watch feeling to be forgotten by turning off the screen. The New Google Assistant also aims to automate activities.

The Always-On Monitor itself provides clear images and the impressive animation clock and UI transition of Google.

Few Images of Google Watch by Design Team (James Tsai)

Google Watch 1
Google Watch 2
Google Watch 4
Google Watch 3
Google Watch 5

The pixel watch has a circular display with a smooth, screen-mounted screen field. When 

When the Always-on mode is disabled, the matte glass monitor will still match the colour of the wristband. The variety of matt and bright materials give the smartwatch experience a creamy, sleek feel. The brand features three sleek colours that match consumers of various genders and types – Milk White, Sweet Papaya and Boba Black.

Source: Core77