Flipkart Quick Launched by Flipkart Promises Delivery Within 90 Mins

    ‘Flipkart Quick’  the hyperlocal service which was recently announced by Flipkart. It promises to deliver products from nearest Flipkart hubs in just 90 minutes after the order has been placed.

    The service is intended to provide consumers with a “wide range, top-quality, and modern location mapping technology platform” for their unparalleled customer experience.

    Products You Can Order via Flipkart Quick

    In the first step, the hyper-local delivery model of Flipkart will give customers a hand-picked selection of 2,000 goods in various categories, including groceries, dairy products and meats, mobile phones, electronics accessories, stationery items and even home accessories.

    Product Order and Delivery Time

    Customers can order any time of the day and their orders would be delivered between 6 AM to 12 AM. However customers can now choose to order in the next 90 minutes or they can book a 2-hour delivery slot.

    Availability of Flipkart Quick Service

    Flipkart will launch its Quick Service in Bengaluru First. Locations like Whitefield, Panathur, HSR Layout, BTM Layout, Banashankari, KR Puram and Indiranagar are included.

    New Delivery Location System

    To narrow down the location, Flipkart Quick will follow a latitude and longitude approach which will also help in shorter delivery time. Flipkart Fast will use advanced and revolutionary technologies to map the position away from the conventional model by using a Pincode system to decide the distribution point that can spread over a wider range.

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