Facebook is Testing Short Style Video Experience Like TikTok

Following Lasso, a clone tested by Facebook in several markets, Reels on Instagram, Facebook is exploring another option to gain a TikTok-like experience. It’s on Facebook’s main app this time.

Facebook app in India is currently testing short videos. The news feeds show a dedicated segment of ‘Short Videos’ on top of which is the button ‘Create.’ By clicking on the ‘Create’ button, you can start the Facebook camera and view videos by swiping up.

A Facebook spokesperson told TechCrunch “We’re always testing new creative tools so we can learn about how people want to express themselves. Short-form videos are extremely popular and we are looking at new ways to provide this experience for people to connect, create and share on Facebook,”

The Short Video Feature was first spotted by a social media consultant Matt Navarra.

Facebook focusing more on new features in the absence of TikTok after it was at the end of June. Reels started last month in India before it was launched in other markets.

A source told TechCrunch that since the ban on TikTok, daily engagement with the Facebook services in India has grown by over 25%.

A number of local startups such as ShareChat, Times Internet’s Gaana and MX Player have launched independent applications or integrated features providing the same TikTok experience.

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A similar feature was added by YouTube-a short video section. This feature is still under testing and more users in India have recently had access to it.

India was TikTok ‘s largest userbase and as the ByteDance app is trying to figure out a way back into the Indian market. TikTok is currently speaking with Reliance Industries to sell stake in TikTok and other platforms are doing their best to embed the enormous, left vacant space of its ban.

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