ANASIS-II Mission Postponed by SpaceX for the 3rd Time

The new setback affecting the Anasis II mission of South Korea to send a military satellite to space, SpaceX delayed three times the Falcon 9 launch for five days. Monday the company tweeted that it was pushing back blast-off “to get a close look at the second stage and swap hardware if necessary.”

Also, SpaceX postponed its latest Starlink launch last Wednesday and again on Saturday.

The Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida, will eventually lift the Anasis II Mission. If this occurs before Starlink Mission, which is now waiting for a new launch date, it will be SpaceX’ s 12th launch this year.

On July 15th, there is a backup start date, but we have to wait to see how quickly technological problems can be solved.

Anasis-II, the payload, is the first military communication satellite by South Korea. There is little knowledge about Anasis-II because of its military use, but the Everyday Astronaut states that it is based on the Eurostar E3000 satellite bus.


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