Amazon is Leading IPL 2020 Title Sponsorship with Unacademy, My11Circle on the List

    After VIVO ‘s pull out, the Indian Premier League is looking for a new title sponsor for 2020. Amazon, the e-commerce giant is leading the race.

    BCCI would even happily consider 1/3 of the deal it had with VIVO, as per a report in News 18.

    “In fact, it’s a win for BCCI even if they get a title sponsor at 1/3rd the value and two official partners to somewhat make up for the pool. Expect Vivo’s Rs 440-odd cr pool to scale down to around Rs 180 cr and that, mind you, will be a win for BCCI in this market,” the report quoted sources as saying.

    It is said that the names of Byju and Unacademy have emerged as possible bidders, but fantasy sports platforms such as Dream11 and My11Circle are in the field.

    “The BCCI is looking for partners today. If Byju’s decide to support the IPL today and rework the jersey sponsorship numbers going forward, it could be a win for them and BCCI,” say sources.

    The conflict between sponsors in the same business class may also complicate the sponsorship, but sources suggest that they will all become partners.

    “That’s where there’s space for an Unacademy or a My11Circle to walk in as official partners. If Dream11 take the title, Unacademy can step in as official partners. If Byju’s take the title, My11Circle can come in. Brands won’t be conflicted,” say sources.

    With regard to the title sponsorship, e-commerce giant Amazon is said to be seen as the leader, particularly for the festival season which is coming alongside the IPL.

    Source: Times Now News

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