5 Rafale Jets Will be Arriving in India on Wednesday from France

On Monday the first set of five jets of Rafale took off from France and will be arriving in India on Wednesday. On Wednesday, nearly four years after India signed an inter-governmental deal with France to build 36 Rafale Air Force jets under Rs 59000-crore agreement, the multi-rolling fighter aircraft are scheduled to enter Ambala air station.

With air to air refuelling and a single stop en route to the UAE, the Rafale Aircraft is almost 7000 kilometres from France to India. Dassault offered full instruction on aircraft and weapons systems to pilots and support staff of the Indian Air Force.

During a time when India is in a difficult borderline with China in Eastern Ladakh, the fleet would significantly improve the IAF’s fighting capability.

Jawed Ashraf, the Indian Ambassador, was there to see Rafale. He met and congratulated the Indian pilots on being the first to fly and wish them success with the highest-performance and most powerful aircraft in the world.

36 Aircraft are to be shipped by the end of 2021, according to the Indian mission in France.

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