40 Years Old Women Was Raped at Quarantine Center in Navi Mumbai

A 40-year old woman was raped in Navi Mumbai’s Quarantine Center on Thursday night, police Maharashtra said. Quite a shocking incident.

Since the case was brought to Panvel Taluka Police Station, the accused was arrested.

The victim was a suspected COVID-19 Patient and was staying in the Quarantine Center whereas the accused was a visitor. 

The Accused’s brother was previously residing in the quarantine center where the man used to visit him, Official sources said. 

The accused met his brother on Wednesday and knocked unintentionally on the lodging room where the women was staying. He excused himself for knocking at the wrong entrance and left. On Thursday, the accused’s brother was transferred into the ward of Covid-19 after the positive result.

The accused Shubam Khatu entered the woman’s room on Thursday evening. Khatu said he was a doctor. He then asked the woman if she had any symptoms or difficulties. The woman told him that she was tired and having body pain.

The accused then reviewed the report of the woman and told her that she needed a massage. Then he removed the woman’s clothing (In the name of massage) and proceeded to massage her.

Senior Officer told, “The room was locked and there were only a few people on that floor then.”

The woman did not react at first because the accused told her he was a doctor. But later he inappropriately touched the woman, raped her, and then left.

Then later the accused tested COVID positive whereas the victim was tested negative.

A police officer said, “The accused is at the quarantine facility. Once his report is out and if he is negative for Covid-19 we will arrest him. Other investigations in the matter is on. The case is registered under section 376 and 354 of IPC.”

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