1,000 TB Solid State Drive (SSD) Could Be Launched by 2023

Thomas Izakovich, CEO and founder of Nimbus Data, showed that solid-state drives of up to 400 TB are on the horizon in an exclusive email exchange with TechRadar Pro.

“We will do 200 TB in 2021 and 400 TB potentially by 2023,” he said, referring to the unreleased SSDs of the company’s unformatted storage ability. This is a significant symbolic achievement as a prospective 400 TB SSD has a tape capacity of 1PB.

Tap vendors generally have a native/compressed tape storage number. The LTO-8 film, which is currently largest and contains 12 TB native and 30 TB, is expected to double the capacity by LTO-9 (60 TB) which is scheduled to land later this year.

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In other words, to suit the estimated 400 TB of Nimbus Data SSD, you will need at least 17 of them.

Whereas the theoretical Nimbus drive will probably be a few orders of scale more costly, it will probably be much smaller (since a separate tape drive is not required) and much more quickly.

Nimbus Data has remained unchallenged about two years behind the world’s biggest solid-state drive, the $40,000 100 TB ExaDrive DC.